How To Build A Profitable Business On Social Media From Anywhere In The World

Even if you have no social media following and no tech experience



Online Business Owner & Coach

What We Will Cover


How I Went From A Lost First Time Mom to A Mom-Entrepreneur By Working Remotely From My Phone and Laptop 


The Exact Blueprint To Creating a Successful Online Career, With Everything You Need To Know With No Digital Background Experience


The Most Effective Ways To Building An Income Using Automation, While Being Able To Do The Things You Love With The People You Love

Who Is This For?

  1. Hard Working Action-Takers Who Want To Earn An Extra Source of Income
  2. Unfulfilled, Overworked, and Underappreciated Employees Who Are Hungry For A Change
  3. People Who Are Tired Of Missing Out And Seeking Freedom
  4. Anyone Seeking The Ability To Travel More And Take Their Work With Them
  5. Anyone Who Wants To Be Their Boss And Create Their Own Schedule
Does that sound like you?

Meet Your Hosts:

Claudia Valenzuela 
Multi 6 Figure Digital Marketer and Mentor
"  Weeks after starting my online business I dropped out of grad school and fast forward to June 2020 I quit my job!! I walked away from all my degrees and titles to pursue what sets my soul on fire, my travel dreams. 3 months after quitting my job I became a 6 figure online business owner and now looking forward to pursuing one of my biggest travel dreams, to travel to 30 countries by the time I’m 30! Something that my close friends and family once told me was kinda impossible, but now thanks to my online business, it is closer than ever before and I could not be more grateful!   "
-Claudia V.

Ashley Krooks

Multi 7 Figure Business Owner and Mentor

"   I wake up each day and live it how I choose from wherever I am in the world. I’ve created a 7 figure business, retired my boyfriend from corporate America, and our home is the world. We travel full time while impacting thousands. Life is so much more than I could have ever imagined. We’ve been to 33 countries in the last 3 years and have no intention of stopping anytime soon. I owe it all to this business model for truly giving me the tools, systems, and automations to make my dreams come true. I am forever grateful <3    "
-Ashley K.